Book #006

Well, I had an interesting evening in the studio. Today being the first Tuesday of the month, I was prepared for drop in company, then about 6:30 the power went off. (It was windy in Seattle today.) I thought about going home but it was quiet and peaceful, and I had a good flashlight, so I decided to wait it out. I hung the flashlight on the coat tree next to the table and made this little book in the semi-dark. The lights came on after about an hour or so, and I was a little disappointed. I'd been having a good time.

The book is fashioned like a matchbook, but a little bigger, about 3" square. The cover is a piece of a collage that I received in a raw materials swap a few years ago. I don't remember anymore who sent it to me, but it worked out great -- so Thank You to whoever.(If you recognize it please let me know who you are!) It is sewn together at the bottom, where a matchbook would be stapled, and embellished with a pink glass button. The pages unfold to either side -- I think it would be a good place to print or write or collage a poem.


Took said...

I was kinda waiting up for you...I was slightly concerned not seeing a post. VERY glad to hear it was just a power outage.

And isn't it strange, when the power goes out, it is such a pain...then you get used to it and almost cosy and when it comes back on it is a disappointment after you get used to the candlelight or flashlight.

Cool pics...so colorful. Fun looking book! Brava.

brsmaryland said...

I like this one a lot! The collage paper is very nice and the conditions under which the book was made adds some intrique.