Book #008

Little notebooks all dressed up - these are simple and a good way to use up scraps, especially long skinny strips of offcut. Start with a few (maybe 5 or 6) narrow scraps for pages, then cut some odds and ends in the shapes of gowns, tunics, nuns' habits...whatever you want to call them. In the examples all the different color pieces are separate. Fold all the pieces across the top (shoulders) then layer them in order and poke two holes in the fold. Thread a piece of string through the holes, tie a knot to secure and another knot to make a loop for hanging. They make really special tags on gifts, or little gifts all by themselves. Make them any size you like; these are about 6" long, finished length.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

These are perfect for small gifts, and for gift tags. You have a real way with small things like this, as I know very well, having seen so many of the wonderful ideas that you share with others. I love this idea of a book a day. Or just a piece of art a day. I'd sort of like to do this, but I'd have to do two a day to catch up!
Beth mentioned to me the other day, that she's really enjoying your projects too.

P.S. You have a wonderful way with the big things as well!