Book #028

Oh, I had a great evening in the studio: made good progress on a round robin book project that I'm horribly behind in, did some samples for the Third Friday in February and made this book.

This is two books in one, or maybe more like two books in one and a half. The cover (which is cut from an old hanging file folder...beautiful brown paper) is in three parts and binds two sets of pages. I think this will eventually have to have a two-part story, or something told from two points of view, or things happening simultaneously in parallel universes. The black pages will be interesting. Which makes me think that it would be interesting to make a book like this with daytime pages and nighttime pages and tell the story of the same place at two different times. Too many possibilities...

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Took said...

Ooooh...I love this one! And I really love the idea of the daytime/nighttime pages.

faughtl...sounds like a word