Book #042 - ahead of its time

A simple book for a long and arduous day.

Book 42 does not contain the answer to the Ultimate Question - it's a self portrait deco. It has white cardstock pages and a tan cover sewn with a pamphlet stitch. There's room for seven contributors; everyone gets a two page spread - a whole face. I'm sure that no one I know has a head shaped quite like that, but these are imaginary - or maybe imaginative - self portraits.
As the host it's my job to do the covers, and you can see I've started a little pencil experimentation. (What am I going to do with that string coming out of my nose?)

Anyone want to play? It will fit in a #10 envelope, I think...until it gets too thick. Leave a comment or email me (liisa at liisa mannery dot com). I have two people so far.

Late. Tired. 'Night.


Took said...

I'll play, Liisa...hoping to be in the 4 spot.

Terri Greenberg said...

Ya still got room? I'd love to plant my mug in there and play along!

Liisa Mannery said...

Yes, indeed; happy to have you! I'm not sure just when it'll start circulating. After the cover's done, at least.