Book #046 - Market Accordion

We were cleaning the basement today and I found this old poster of the Pike Place Market - not in the best shape, pretty wrinkled and somewhat faded. It wasn't worth keeping, but it seemed a shame to throw it away, partly because it was printed on some really nice, heavy watercolor-type paper. So, despite my intention to revisit the longstitch book again today, I decided instead to make a book out of the poster. You know what was the most fun thing about this book? It's bigger than usual. I'm starting to get tired of making 4.25 x 5.5 inch books, which is what you tend to come up with when you use standard size paper and card stock. The poster was a nice big 20 x 28 inches and I ended up with 7 x 10 inch pages - eight of them. (I cut the poster horizontally, folded each piece in fourths and then sewed the two pieces together.) It had a nice feel to it. The covers are cut from corrugated cardboard and painted a splotchy pale blue/gray/white - Seattle colors, you know. They're glued onto the two end panels. I like the way the stitching looks on the thick textured paper; I think when the day comes I'll add some more stitching to enhance - or maybe interrupt - the image. Or maybe I'll embroider the text. What text? Well, I'll think about it.

This might end up being a good gift for an ex-pat Seattleite.

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