Book #053 - 158.1MAN2009

Well, I had an entertaining excursion through a whole lot of websites, from the Library of Congress to Library Thing, and all because I thought it would be fun to assign a call number to today's home-made, totally personal Self-Help book. It's a little book of a sort that I make for myself from time to time, when I want to generate some new ideas for rumination and art.

I take some free art gallery directories that I pick up at the museum whenever there's a new one, and I cut them up into small strips which I fold and staple together in a cover. The cover of the day is another piece of the Gymboree box left over from Christmas. (It's almost gone, thank goodness. I don't like yellow that much.)

When the book/s is/are all done, I go through with some colored pencils and highlight words or phrases that catch my eye or mind. Usually it's something I find thought-provoking as a subject, but it can also be something or someone that I want to follow up on. It's important that the pages be small, so that a single word can seem like a big thing. And I try to pick out only one thing per page (discipline being its own reward) but that doesn't always work.

What I highlighted in this book:

landscapes of the psyche
seriously funny
2-building complex
conversations between
North Beeline Hwy.
la Villita
clsd sun
the intersection of Palace Avenue and Cathedral Place.
Alameda St.
dieties, and cosmic narratives
tango with cows
European manuscript illuminations
red brick
superstition freeway
center for land use interpretation
discrete anecdotes in the over-arching story
artist road
arbitrariness of boundaries between different cultural practices
private enjoyment
rich colors
elaborately decorative patterns
belles heures of the Duke of Berry
tribal art
public always welcome
Rita Banjeree
Tanyth Berkley
Angelo Filomeno
reconstructing identity
uncertainty principle
lost and found


Took said...


What is the deities, and cosmic narratives about????

Liisa Mannery said...

Well...I don't know yet. The phrase is separated from the rest of its original page so I don't know what it was about there, and I haven't thought about it much so far. But I do love creation stories, the world coming from an egg or being barfed up by a god with a belly ache, etc. I have sketchbooks full of little scenes from those narratives - the stuff of books, one of these days.