Book #055 - Post Binding

Post binding (aka post and screw, screwpost, screwpost binding) is often seen on manufactured scrapbooks and albums. There are two parts, the screw and the post (big surprise), and they come in a variety of lengths. Well, the post comes in different lengths; the screw is the same for all of them. This post is 3/8 inch long. Anyhow, you push the post through holes in your pages and covers and then whirl in the screw and that's that. This little round book has covers of painted cardstock and pages of heavy white paper, all 2" in diameter and cut with a big Fiskars punch. The copper colored dot in the screw is a bead added for decoration - the screw itself has a recess there.

I get these at the University Bookstore in Seattle, where they are sold by the set, so you can buy a single screw and post for about 20 cents. They have only the plain aluminum but you can find colored aluminum or plastic if you look around online.


Took said...

Heeey...looks to me like another hopeful candidate for you-know-what. I know I'd be happy with getting one!

ganubro (was arrsh before I messed up) I am thinking "ganubro" is some kind of antelope and "arrsh" is what is on the back end of it.

Liisa Mannery said...

Ganubro...ARRSH! I think it's a line from a foreign sci-fi film.

Well, again I hadn't thought of this for you-know-what, but it might be a possibility...hmmmm.

Thanx for the thought.

I am not being presented with a captcha, strange.

Took said...

The foreign sci-fi command of "Ganubro...ARRSH!" made me laugh out loud, Liisa...thank you!