Book #072 - Flip Up Flop Down


I saw a kids' book along these lines in a bookstore once. Such a simple idea, but one that could be put to creative use. Each page has a flip up (flop down?) section that covers all but a little bit at the bottom. It lends itself to images that are the same but different, or that change to move a story along, or that just create funny effects. The original wasn't an accordion as this one is, but I like the idea that with the pages side by side the content can cross pages - even be one big picture that changes as different flaps are flipped up or left down. The cover was cut from a box I took out of the recycling. As you can, Buster likes this one.

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Took said...

You made me laugh out loud with the photo of Buster. Thanks! A perfect way to end my wonderful --but exhausting -- day.