Book #080 - Flexagon

Oh dear, oh dear. Would you believe I totally forgot about making a book today? Until about 11:44PM that is. We were on our way home from an evening out when I realized I had to work fast. So, I tore up a sheet of paper that was in the car and made a flexagon which I will photograph and post shortly.

Flexagons are paper structures that fold and refold in circles...if that makes any sense. Jacob's Ladders and Magic Wallets are cousins of flexagons. A fun thing about flexagons is that as you fold them repeatedly, the "pages" split and reappear rearranged. Oh, it's impossible to describe. Go look here.

The content of this flexagon is all inspired by the concert we went to this evening. Leonard Slatkin (younger than I thought) conducting Britten, Stravinsky and Berlioz. An impressive young Latvian violinist with a very impressive violin. It should have had its own ovation.

I'll see if I can't draw up some directions for this flexagon and post them tomorrow.

In all honesty I will have to say that this wasn't done until a few minutes after midnight, so I missed my deadline. And I wasn't able to post until now, so the date is off. C'est la vie, I guess.

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Took said...

Hey, Liisa...I know the feeling of cheeziness and let down when you miss the deadline...I have done it twice. I think it is called

It is still a little gem of paper engineering that I would never be able to do -- brava!