Book #088 - Lupins

Seems I've been doing a number of weird and experimental little book-like objects lately, so I thought it was time for a simple booky-book, with pages and a cover. So here's an 84-page book - seven 12-page signatures and a cover with a nice picture of a field of lupins.

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Took said...

Oh my goodness -- lupins! I have been obsessed with lupins since the first time I read the word in a fairy tale at around age 10. When I moved to this house in Northville, I started ordering lupines from flower catalogues and I have been driving my lawn guys crazy with planting them and being careful around them. Apparently they can grow here but need some attention (as if I am going to do that since it would require me doing something outside...LOL)

They are actually doing fairly well around my mailbox (the 1st one, the "real" one...another story)but I can't wait to see if they survived the winter.

partfaso, partnot