What's Up? What's up.

Some of you know that my mother has been seeing a lot of doctors lately; last Friday it was confirmed that she has cancer. We don't know for sure what the next step is, but so far the oncologist is optimistic, and thinks she would respond well to treatment. We'll know more after this Wednesday.

So I am finding it hard to keep up with my photographing and posting. Books are being made daily - that I can do anywhere: at my mom's dining room table, in the car, in the doctor's waiting room. But the technical stuff takes a lot of time and has to be done at home. That's not working right now.

I am posting a title each day, both to hold the place and (I hope) to maintain your curiosity. One of these days there will be a lot of new pictures to look at. Meanwhile, enjoy the oncoming spring!



Celia said...

Entirely understandable - you have more important things to do.

Look after your mum - and yourself!

Took said...

My heart and thoughts are with you and your super mom, Liisa!


brsmaryland said...

I'm sending loads of healing thoughts your Mom's way. Do you know that I have 2 of your Mom's collage cards framed in my living room? Lena gave me the yard sale card and the garden room card many years ago. They are part of my small collection of original art.
take care,