Book #013

I couldn't get to the studio today because my car battery is toast, so here's another whatever's-at-hand book. (Well, they are just about my favorite kind anyway.) It's a somewhat more successful version of Book #002: an accordion spine with pages attached to the fronts of the pleats, in this case some weird cut down envelopes that I had. The accordion folded spine is heavy off-white paper and the covers were cut from a soon-to-be recycled Priority Mail box. I like the printing on the inside surface of the box, and turned it outward for the cover. On the back, which you can't see here, the printing was arranged such that it says "prior" over and over. Maybe I should have made that the front, it might have suggested a good theme for the contents of the book. And incidentally, it took longer to photograph this book than it took to make it, truly.

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Took said...

I like this book very much. I'm a sucker for accordion pleats...so simple, but so difficult (for me, anyway) to do evenly. Very nice.

And yes...I totally understand the "it took longer to photograph the piece than to make it" thing. You should see how many bad shots I've got. Ha ha ha. It is like I am doing a documentary on some of the pieces.

(the word verification for this comment was "kinif"...I am often amused by the random words.