Book #016

I ended up scanning this, although photos would have been preferable (I didn't get batteries for the camera). It actually scanned fairly well except for the spine. It's impossible to show the spine without a photo, because you can't flatten it; when you open the book the spine curls up and disappears. Sort of like a potato bug.

This binding is sometimes called a Piano Hinge, and it is similar. Actually it's several piano hinges, and they connect the pianos together into one big...what? Mega piano? Enough of that. Anyway, the image at the left is the front of the book, the other is the inside center.

I have boxes and boxes of greeting cards; my friends save them and pass them along. Among other things, I make little scrapbooks out of them. They end up completely covered with the stuff I glue into them, so it doesn't matter what I use for pages, as long as it's sturdy and takes glue. What a great way to recycle cards! This is one binding I would use for such a book, the fastest and it requires only scissors and some sticks; there are other suitable bindings, and we have 349 days left to look at them.

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