Book #017

This was a little different: the book construction was minimal - pages and a cover stapled together. Most of the work (and the fun!) was in the content. I don't know what made me decide to do it this way. I guess I just felt like smearing paint around some more. I used some mailroom supply rubber stamps that I got at the dollar store ages ago. They came in stacked sets of three, self inking, and they are almost spent. But the words are great: cancelled, confidential, urgent, air mail, original, duplicate, confirmation...and two more I can't remember just now. Not 'completed', that's another stamp. Oh well - it's not all that urgent is it?

So, I drew (ultrafine Sharpie) and then colored (my old Prang watercolors from my childhood, believe it or not) a little picture for 7 of the stamps. It was very flow-of-consciousness...a nice way to spend an evening.

My friend Lena came to the studio yesterday evening. With the holidays and snow and all, I hadn't seen her in a long time, and it was really good to visit. She brought me three very nifty things that she bought online ('cause today's my birthday); I'll post some pictures of them later on. We had an inspiring conversation about life, crafting, stuff. I always feel inspired after a visit with Lena. And then about 10pm we went out for pie and coffee. I think pie and coffee is one of my favorite little rituals. It meant a lot to my dad; he loved his pie. He was a traveling salesman, although with a very small territory so he wasn't ever away, except maybe one night a month when he went to Bellingham. Name a city/town in Western Washington and he could tell you where to get good pie.


Took said...

Happy Birthday, Liisa!

Took said...

VERY entertaining. Way cool that you used your old watercolors.

brsmaryland said...

Happy birthday to you Liisa! Sounds like you spent it doing your favorite things.
I could go for some strawberry rhubarb or marionberry pie myself right now!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I enjoyed our evening too, and you always inspire me too.

I hope your actual birthday was a happy one.

I think your watercolors are delightful, and lately, I've been thinking a lot about your papercuts. It amazes me that you do them without drawing them first.

Love the illustrations.