Book #019

I have a supply of Seattle newspapers circa 1933; they come in handy for a million things, including the covers of Book 18. The covers are heavy card stock covered with paper and glued to the end panels of the accordion. Some people think accordion books aren't really books, maybe because they are so easy to make and a favorite project of grade school teachers. But actually it's a venerable old format - the next generation of books after scrolls. In essence they are scrolls that are folded instead of rolled, enabling a reader to open the book anywhere along its length without having to roll and unroll and reroll. I think that must have been a pretty radical development at the time.

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Took said...

Personally, I happen to think accordion books are great!

And because I am math and whatever-it-takes-to-do-this-sort-of-thing challenged, I very impressed by your fabulous accordion books!