Book #018

This is a tiny accordion book with wrapped covers. It's a traditional Japanese binding that uses no adhesives or sewing or anything but paper and some heavy card stock. Very nifty.

Unfortunately, it was the most difficult thing to photograph that I have ever encountered. Whether it was something about the book, the materials I used, the camera or the phases of the moon - I don't know. This was the only picture that turned out at all (out of about 20!) so I can't show you any more details than this. I'll make a bigger one sometime this year, maybe it will take a better picture. Meanwhile, the Library of Congress has some good directions, with illustrations, for making a book like this. Go take a look.


Took said...

Oh my goodness...that is SO tiny -- WOW!

It IS hard to take a good photo of a tiny (or close) object with one hand,
isn't it? Nice pic, though!

Took said...

I used your link to look at the directions (ha) and I started tearing up...too much for me...I am incapable of understanding diagrams and things dealing with measuring. (paper engineering, sewing, building with wood, etc.)

I leave this to artists like YOU!

Mrs. Staggs said...

We'll have to devise a little gadget that will hold tiny things for us. I love little things, so this is a treat to see, and would be perfect for a small doll to hold.