Book #023

This Three Out Person is an exercise in found poetry. There are any number of ways to find found poetry; my favorite is to take a piece of text - a page from a book, an article from the news, or some such printed matter - and then decide on a system to select certain words. In this case I rolles two dice, and counted off the words according to whatever number I rolled. The first roll was 11, so I started counting at the beginning of the text and then wrote down the eleventh word. Then I rolled a seven, so I kept counting, starting with One again, and wrote down word number seven. And so on and so forth until I was tired of it and each page had four words on it. Then I added some rubber stamp faces that I carved ages ago, collaged the cover ransom-note style, and called it done. Found poetry is entertaining, and you can make up all sorts of oddball systems for choosing your words. You can pick the first word in each line, or the last word in each line, or every word that follows a word beginning with the letter "S", or...you get the idea. Most of the time it turns out kind of meh, but every now and then it's sublime. For the record, I don't consider this one sublime, but it's not the worst one I've ever seen either. And, hey, I didn't write it...the dice did. Clever dice. The whole thing is (punctuation mine):

Man of end language,
is. Do person three, now,
to before children.

Film here, year, not job;
now immutable end.

Palm, art another twain,
this three out person.


jane Cather said...


Thank-you for all the great creativity you are sending out! I am helping my grandson do a found poetry book. A wonderful project for us. And I always love seeing wonderful artistic book ideas. I am inspired to do some too.

Not to mention being inspired to 'put it out' every day!
May all flow well, Jane Cather

Liisa Mannery said...

Thank you, Jane. I'm so glad you stopped by. I have a couple of your books, and would love to see more!