Book #024 A, B, and C

I almost didn't post these, I was so disappointed in the quality of the pictures. But I guess they at least show the construction of today's book(s). I started out playing around with the idea of making books out of old calendars, and I had three likable samples by the time I was done. At the top is a boustrophedon, cut along the grid lines - one page to a day. Next is a long accordion with a closed spine cover; I cut along the horizontal lines of the calendar and glued the weeks end to end to make one long strip of a month. Last is a French fold using a 2 x 4 cell (day) grid cut from a calendar page. Only the long accordion has all the days right side up, the other folds result in some topsy-turvey weeks. Don't we all have those from time to time.

What these books might be good for: Make a set of 12 little books and a box to put them in. Make them out of last year's calendar and use them as tiny diaries or souvenirs, or use next year's calendar and have a set of datebooks. Copy the appropriate calendar page and make invitations to a party - put the guest of honor's picture on the front. Make a vacation journal.

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Took said...

What fun and what very good ideas for the uses of them.

And what is wrong with the photos? They look good to me.