Book #012

OH NO! I've been so intent on posting before midnight every day, so that each book would have the same number as the date it was made, and tonight I blew it. I just got distracted and when I turned back to the computer it was 12:00, and by the time I got the title posted it was 12:01. Rats! Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but I didn't expect it this soon.

Today's book is a deco - at least that's how I plan to use it. Decos are small, simple handmade books that are circulated among friends, each person creating a little work of art on one page. Whoever fills the last page sends it back to the originator. Decos typically have only a few pages (mine has eight) so that they get filled pretty fast. Often they have a theme - I don't know if this one will or not. Also, I may not get it back at the end myself, but have it sent to another person as a surprise gift when it's finished.

I think the most fun way to do a deco is to decorate the cover and then send it along to a friend, who in turn sends it to another friend, and so on. That way you're pretty much guaranteed that it will be worked in by people you don't know. And just think, if there really are only six degrees of separation between any two people, you might get a page from someone famous. Some folks prefer to circulate them within a group that is acquainted already; that's nice too, but I like the element of surprise.

Lastly - these are not the greatest pictures, I know. Maybe I'll do them over. Or maybe not.

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Took said...

I know how you feel...having been waaaay to close to the deadline myself the last two days! Tonight will be another late nighter for me, too.

This is a much nicer deco than most people would be used to -- or at least than I can ever remember working in. The insides and themes had always been cool, but the book that was the base itself was usually a bit icky.

Very nice book.