Book #011

Hey, it isn't even 10PM and today's book is already done and posted! This accordion-fold book has pages with pockets for flat treasures: pictures, tags, gift cards, tickets, cool ephemera - use your imagination. I'll fill it with recipient-appropriate stuff sometime when I need a small gift or memento.

The pages are one piece of paper folded in fourths, then folded up from the bottom to make the pocket. The pocket tops were torn as shown, because I think angled pockets are more interesting and they reveal more of the cool stuff in them. The two end pockets were closed by scraps of paper glued over the loose outer edges. The orange paper was wrapped around the folded up pages and trimmed to fit. Finally the last page of the accordion was glued to the inside of the cover. The cover wraps around but doesn't hold itself shut - the accordion is too springy. Generally I want my books to stay shut without help, but I think that's past hoping for here. so it will need to be tied or buttoned or something. It won't be tied shut with gold ribbon, that was just handy. Of course all that plain paper is in need of some color or texture, maybe some sponge painting or printed patterns. Whatever it is will complement the contents of the pockets when the time comes. I'll let you know how it goes.


Took said...

Very nice!

Took said...

Oooh...looks GREAT with stuff in the pockets!

I really like the torn edges.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I like the torn pockets.