Book #032: The Path

Full title:
'The Path - Travesty #1 on the work of the Brothers Grimm.'

This is the first of I'm not sure how many so-called Travesties. I'll get into that more as time goes on. Making this tiny little thing was an ordeal, since I had forgotten everything I used to have in my memory about imposition - how to lay out multiple book pages on a single sheet of paper (both sides) so that they are in the right reading order when the book is assembled. Not that right reading order matters much with a book that starts out,

"Once upon a time," murmured intentions, the path.

Anyway, it took me almost three hours to get it right, but now I have a good template so the rest will go faster. I also found a very nice free font called Erasmus. I do love fonts. There are a lot of freebies here, and it would be worth checking them out just for the names...better than local bands.

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Took said...

This book sounds rather intriguing.

And thanks my goodness I already knew about that font source! Whew! I am like you about fonts.