Book #033: Heart-shaped Windows

Today's book is a small, windowed accordion. It's made of three strips of slightly different lengths, each folded in fourths; when they are put together the difference in length translates into three layers with a little bit of space between. I'll probably add something to the back layer to show through the heart shaped windows. On the reverse side, in the center fold, there is one signature of three sheets (12 pages). I think this will be a good place for a story or poem.

In case you're wondering, it's leaning up against an old pincushion. A Finnish friend, Leo, gave me his mother's sewing basket, including a pincushion full of threaded needles. So this book was sewn together with a needle threaded by Jenny Utter in - I don't know - a long time ago. Jenny would be well over 100 years old now. Little did she know.

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