Book #059 - Doodling

I'm way late posting this, but I really did make the book yesterday - last night after dinner, sitting around at the table, in fact. We had an old friend over who moved from Seattle and hasn't sat down to dinner with us in a long time. After a few minutes it didn't seem long at all.

I have a 5-drawer rolling Iris cart tucked under the dining room table where I keep my upstairs supplies. (I end up working on the table most of the time anyway.) I found some tabbed notebook dividers, needle and thread and a few Sharpies. So that's what this book is made from. I doodled the cover a bit - don't know what it is. Just doodling. No scissors so I ripped. The spine is sewn and the cover is stuck over the stitching with doublestick tape..

And it isn't nearly as fuzzy as the picture makes it look!

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