Book #060 - a Pop-up Sampler

Picture coming soon!

I've been fascinated with pop-ups for ages (Who doesn't love magic of a good pop-up?)

Lately I've been working in a series of collaborative journals - searching for some new ideas - and pop-ups are on my mind. This was a perfect time to try out some templates that I've accumulated, and since they all open along a fold, like a card, it made sense to put them together for reference in book form. A few I've printed from Robert Sabuda's website; some of them are quite complex and I just followed his instructions verbatim. I've tried to discern some principles that I can turn to my own designs, but his work boggles my little mind! Still, there is a very nice rose blossom, a bird flying out from behind a birdhouse and a heart shaped candy box that could be useful just as they are. Elsewhere on the web I have found some more general ideas on how to make things stand up, fold over, expand vertically and horizontally, stair step, etc. So there are some examples on which I was able to experiment. And I have a collection of books to anlyze and (gasp) take apart. There are many more things to try out, but I think I have enough to work with for this journal project - so this will be one book. More to follow, I'm sure.

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