Book #048 - She So Pretty...

I found these flashcards at the Dollar Store the other day. I'm always on the lookout for unlikely stuff to turn into a book, and I have a particular liking for flash cards and game cards and such, but these cards were especially interesting in that they had two words to most of the cards and they weren't your run-of-the-mill words either.

No too-cute drawings of apple or kite - very few nouns at all, in fact - but lots of adverbs and adjectives and prepositions, with no pictures whatsoever. So there are ample opportunities to assemble silly phrases and odd combinations of words. Too cool! AND there were three different sets of these. More cool! I am so easily entertained.

Anyhow, I sewed one set into a book (the cards folded so nicely down the center) as seen above. The cover is minimal, just a piece of heavy cardstock glued at the spine. And those are the first eight pages. The story gets weirder later.


Took said...

I reeeeeally really like this one!


Elin said...

Wicked cool.