Book #068 - Tabs and Slots

When you fold a piece of paper, or a stack of paper, in half, it's inevitable that at the inside of the fold you have the same paper on facing pages. If you want a book with alternating color pages this is a problem. Here's an experimental design that solves that problem. Note that the small pictures are just there to illustrate the process, they're not the book in the big picture.

Each folded signature (in this case a single sheet) is slit at the fold and a single, unfolded page with a tab (or tabs) at the side is slipped in between. Then you take all the folded/tabbed page bundles, stack them and fasten the tabs together. I stapled this book (you can see the holes where I missed the mark the first time) but you could sew them, I suppose. Then fold the tabs back over the covers, half to the front and half to the back, and glue them down. With some planning you could even have decorative tabs. Or you could glue separate covers on the tabs, or a folded cover. That would be worth a try.

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