Book #069 - Lucky

A simple idea whose execution turned out to be more complicated than expected. The cover is a scan, (two scans actually) of the outside and inside of an old needle case. I printed them separately - so far so good. Then I cut them out individually - not hard. Then I put them together back to back - also not hard once I realized that the thing isn't quite symmetrical and the pieces have to go together a certain way.

The original plan was to create 5 tiny books using images of the red and green foil needle holders as covers, and to glue them in their designated places. Well, foil is just too hard to scan and print; it looked gross. I have some nice foil papers - at the studio. But I was working at home. So I decided instead to make the white pages you see in the picture. That went fine until I stapled them to the inner piece of the cover (so that the staples wouldn't show on the outside, right?) and then tried to assemble the whole thing. The thickness of the %@#?! staples threw everything off and I mean everything. The pages didn't fit in the inner cover and the inner cover didn't fit in the outer cover. So I tried to trim it just a little...and then just a little more...and of course things just got worse and worse.

Well, that's the story of today's book. We haven't seen the last of it; I'm going to make another one using the tiny books with foil covers. And I'll gather 5 little stories about luck. I'd love to hear your story, if you have one to share.

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