Book #070 - made from an online template

I spent some time on the Internet today looking for fictional language generators and stumbled across this interactive book creator. It's your basic French-fold (they call it a "Stapleless Book"), and the layout is all established for you. Just fill in the text boxes to create the content for each page, click PRINT, and there's your book. There's even a dotted line to show you exactly where to cut. Now, it isn't the most beautiful book in the world; it adds some site-promotional tidbits that I don't object to in principle, but which are awfully conspicuous. Still, it's cool, so take a look. And if you have or know kids, let's say 12 and under, steer them toward it by all means.

The Stapleless book maker is here.

There are a lot of other nifty interactive teaching/learning tools on this website, all related to reading and writing and using words. There are tools to help you plot a story, write poetry, create trading cards for the characters in a story, and lots more. They're meant for teachers to use with kids, but I think anyone would find them worthwhile. The site is called ReadWriteThink, and that describes it pretty well. Check out the Student Materials.

BTW, the red parts of my little book were added by hand. That's a sweet potato on the cover. The fictional language is for a micronation I created: Ipomia, aka The Sweet Potato Republic. So there you have it.

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Celia said...

Thank you for this - I was able to make a little book for my grand daughter in about 5 minutes.

One point - the set up appears to be for US size paper, so if you are using A4 you may need to trim the result to get it to fold properly - I did, anyway!

Love your blog!