Book #076 - Rubber Band Pencil Binding

I think this would have been a good candidate for photo rather than scan - but scanning is so quick and easy that I did it anyway. Just ignore the weird blue shadows that the scanner sees when there's a 3-D object involved, ok?

This is one easy binding! Even though the picture is minimal, you can probably see that it is simply a pencil, a rubber band, and two holes in a stack of pages. The rubber band is at the back, with the two ends poked through to the front and then looped around the pencil. No, you can't take the pencil out to use it. Or, you could, but the book would fall apart.

I've seen this done with pencils, twigs, bones, skewers, paintbrushes, knitting needles, chopsticks, artificial flowers and even a test tube! Anything long, skinny and strong. Just think...

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