Book #083 - Last Blizzard for a While

The biggest blizzard yet, made from a map and single sheet pages about 8x10 inches.
might be an effective way to present several separate pictures or documents. A portfolio of sorts.


Took said...

Liisa, you make such wonderful things...and make them seem so easy.


Gordon Kennedy said...

As Liisa's husband, I have insider information: that book is actually made from an aeronautical chart. The distinction between "map" and "chart" is deep in the history of cartography and if I were up to speed on my professional training, I could spout the etymology off the top of my head (or out the end of my typing fingers). But, I will leave it to "dear reader" to investigate for herself why navigational maps are called charts. Maybe I will rant more on this later, if another chart-based book appears in Liisa's Annus Biblio.