Book #063 - Idaho

You know, this state book idea is helpful for when I need inspiration, but making them is going to be tricky. I am having to enlarge my source materials to make reasonable sized books, and as I want them all to be at the same scale I have to take care to do the enlarging exactly the same each time. Then there's the distortion contributed by the particular projection of the source map, which becomes much more noticeable at the larger size. I'd better get a system figured out sooner rather than later if I don't want to do a bunch of the early states over.

Well, anyway - here's Idaho! It has a nice straight western boundary. Someone commented that Hawaii will be hard, but I think not; it borders only water, no other land masses. That'll be a piece of cakewalk in the park.


Took said...

Well Michigan should be another state you can add to your "piece of cakewalk in the park" list.

revaing...as if va-ing isn't enough

Terri Greenberg said...

I'd have started with the square states (like Colorado) to get the hang of it!

Gonna be a trip when you get to somthing squiggly like Maryland.

Plus, there's all those Florida Keys to contend with...