Book #064 - Double-Accordion with Color


Double accordion...just what it sounds like: two accordions combined in one book. Slit them all from one horizontal edge straight to the center (no farther!) then turn half of them 180 degrees and slide the slits together. We've all done this at some time or other (usually around 4th grade) to make two flat pieces of paper stand up in a more or less 3-D fashion. The covers are flat panels at each end. So the whole thing really does seem accordion-like.

I ws going through old Dan Smith catalogs today, ripping out some stuff to save - product information and so on - and I just couldn't pass up the wonderful colorful pages of paint samples. So that's what the covers are covered with, and maybe I'll glue some more of them inside the book...make it a color palette sampler.

Yes, the top picture background is weird. Isn't Photoshop fun?

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