The state of the book of the states

Some folks have asked about how I plan to handle certain very "shapely" states. Here's some of what I've been thinking.

I am depending on "territorial waters" to make Hawaii (and Florida?) easier. Territorial waters can extend from about 13 up to 200 miles out into the ocean, depending on which standard you choose. Thus Hawaii ends up looking sort of like a dill pickle. I saw a book in the shape of a pickle once...

I have an idea for Michigan, but I'm not telling just yet. Again, the water might help.

Yes, Maryland will be a challenge, mostly because of that little skinny bit up at the top, which is sure to be fragile. I considered combining MD and WV, but then there's that little finger at the top of WV! Plus I really don't want to cheat that way. Well...more thought required.

I have to admit that many years ago on a road trip through Wyoming I commented to the driver that it was too bad they couldn't have thought of a more creative shape for their highway signs...like some states have signs in the shape of their...oh, yeah. Oops.


brsmaryland said...

Pls do not combine Maryland and West Virginia! We're as different as two states can be ;-) Tho that skinny part, western Maryland, is probably more aligned with WV. I think the Chesapeake bay will figure in to our construction too as it separates the Eastern Shore of Md from the mainland. Books and geography all in one - I love it!!

Liisa Mannery said...

Books and geography...two of the four(?) brain-food groups, I'd say.

OK, I promise I will not make Maryland share the back seat with West Virginia! I didn't really like the idea of combining states anyway. There's got to be a solution, and I have 10 months and 48 more books to find it.

Your comment about western Maryland being more like WV is intriguing, and makes me realize how little I know about that part of the country. I wish we could travel more...

brsmaryland said...

I'm sure it is also showing my snobbery of living in central Maryland ;-) Western Maryland has the hills (what they call mountains out here) as does WV and I believe they are more alike politically too. Maryland is a democratic state but with no help from the western part. Tom said WV has some of the best motorcycle roads he's ridden. I think WV gets a bit of a bad rap for being a poor state.
Yes, it is a big county we live in with lots of ground to cover. It will be fun 'visiting' all 50 states this year with your book project!